Why Manchester United will still be looking to put out on-field fires, even if they win the Premier League

Given that it’s not exactly hard liquor, there’s really no need to chase away the taste of Casillero del Diablo, even if the name of the official wine of Manchester United translates to “The Devil’s Cellar”. As it happens, the former 20-time English league title-holders need chasers of a more tactical nature on the pitch, as they attempt to win the championship for the first time since 2013.

The burn, if you will, starts at the back. £80m signing Harry Maguire is a towering, composed central defender, but lacks the pace to compete with many of today’s strikers. Yet…

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Why the legendary guitarist’s music will live forever

The death of Edward Van Halen on October 6 was not just another punishing blow to a genre of music still processing the loss of Rush’s Neil Peart and UFO’s Pete Way, but a strike to the solar plexus of melody itself.

Edward — who gave his name to the band he led with his drummer brother Alex — may have been best known for the blazing guitar solos that coloured dreary heavy metal iridescent, but at heart he was a songsmith who served up four-minute pop treats to the tune of 50 million albums sold worldwide.

That number does…

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